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Great British Care Awards Regional Finalist

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Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Finding a balance 

Finding help when a loved one has a terminal illness can be very overwhelming and often people feel there is no-where to turn.

First choice Home Care provide supportive care to help people have a good quality of life; even in the last few days. We work closely alongside families to ensure there is a balance; working with respect and diligence to provide flexible palliative homecare.

Getting support from friends and family can help at this time but may be a little daunting so we’ve included a recent account which may offer some guidance:

“The heart wrenching grief you feel when you hear that a loved one’s condition is terminal is overwhelming. Two short weeks earlier my Mother was playing bridge with her friends but after a series of strokes she couldn’t speak, walk and was even having trouble swallowing. Her care requirements had changed overnight, and I didn’t know how to meet them.

She had always been terrified of going into a nursing home and I felt that I owed it to her to try to nurse her at home. However, the grief I felt was soon coupled with an overwhelming fear - how would I cope, would I get it right, what support equipment did I need?”


Homecare near me

Choosing a local homecare agency to offer support and palliative care is an option many people prefer. We provide a 24 hour support service, allowing you to register your needs at any time. We will arrange a home visit to assess your needs and develop a detailed palliative care plan, which will include all the care you need from personal care to companionship.

“A reassuring voice arranged a home visit by their care manager who immediately introduced herself to my Mother. Her tone touched me as it was respectful and compassionate without being condescending.

She fully assessed both of our needs and concerns and took time to explain to me what to expect in the next few months. Whilst upsetting they countered the likely future issues with solutions and for the first time, I started to think this may be manageable.

Within 24 hours they had arranged for an occupational therapist to do a home assessment and within a number of days specialist equipment was delivered from pressure mattresses, hoists and even an electric chair. A speech and language therapist and dietician from the hospital came and they made sure they were present for these visits to ensure consistency in her care. Above all their relentless calm approach transferred to me and the fear started to dissipate. “


Flexible support when you need it most

It’s important to find a homecare agency that will work with you, be responsive and flexible offering extra care as and when you need it. Looking after loved ones and maintaining their dignity can be an emotive and challenging experience. We are on hand to offer homecare support and work alongside other specialists to offer peace of mind.

“The 24-7 care was draining and initially they sent a carer to sit with Mum. These three hours in the day were a God send. I could go shopping, have time with my family or just sleep!

As my Mothers care needs progressed, I found the personal care aspect too upsetting and also too physical. They quickly organised a rota for a pair of carers to come four times a day to help with this, so I could spend quality time with Mum.

I found the responsibility of being a full-time carer very difficult and as Mums condition deteriorated, the carers involved the hospice team who offered medical support and advice in her last few days. When she did finally pass away, family were at her side with her beloved cat on the bed and I would honestly describe this as a perfect death - words I never thought would sit easily together.

Unknowingly to me the care team throughout these last days were monitoring our situation hourly and managed to allow me to be alone with her when I needed to be and then discreetly appeared to help after her passing and to support us.

With their support I realised her wish of dying at home peacefully and for that I am eternally grateful.”


Looking for help

If you’d like more details on our palliative care and home care services please contact us and we will arrange a home visit to talk through your needs. First Choice Home Care offer care services across East Anglia with branches in Norfolk and Suffolk.  


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