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100 year celebration

100 year celebration

Jack’s centenary celebrations

First Choice Home Care gets ready to party

After years of battling poor mobility Jack celebrates his birthday healthy and happy.

There's nothing like sharing the thrill and excitement of a Birthday card from HRH Queen Elizabeth. Of course, it's not an average day and it’s not an average story…

Golden boy

Jack's story spans an incredible lifetime. A war veteran he served in the RAF, working as a Radio Operator, which he plays down with modesty and discretion. In the midst of rationing he married his childhood sweetheart Pat when he was just 27 years old.

“I knew the minute I met her she was the girl for me” he recalls. “we just got on so well, she had the most fabulous smile and caring nature”

After the war they set up home in London and Jack became a commercial photographer and also a father. He’s very family focused and proud of his son, his two grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

“I always remember to be grateful for every day, but especially birthdays” he said with a smile. “Golden, happy days”.

It takes two

First Choice Home Care have supported Jack with professional home care for over two years. When we first offered help Jack's mobility was poor with little independent movement, he was more or less chair bound.

Since we've provided care and support, he's not only become more positive but manages to remain living at home and most importantly can now get around by himself. 

"When we first started to support Jack, he needed the aid of two carers, specialised equipment & was unable to walk. Over the past 2 1/2yrs he has rehabilitated & now walks with his frame unaided.

It’s an incredible feeling to look back and see how improved Jack’s lifestyle is now. We are a happy team, and I think that helps support and encourage our customers to feel secure.

Determination & spirit

There’s no doubt that Jack is in charge and going to make the most of every day. He adapts and approaches the challenges of old age with a positive attitude and cheery determination.

“Carers have found Jack in the garden, out for a walk & even upstairs (against all advice) he is an amazing gentleman, and very, very independent"

Our hopes for the year ahead are that he continues to enjoy his family and friends, making the most of every opportunity and celebrates in style.

We wish him the very best 100th year!