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How to get your home ready for care

How to get your home ready for care

What to do and how we can help

Understandably many elderly people would much prefer to have a care service in the comfort of their own home, rather than move to a care home facility. Staying within their own familiar environment, surrounded by their memories. 

Our home care service means you can carry on doing the things you love - from baking and gardening to enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. We'll offer support in the home and help you get out and about too! 

However, we need to make sure that their home is as safe as possible because as we get older our risk of falling increases and the damage that we sustain during a fall also becomes greater. In fact 95% of all hip fractures are a direct result of a fall.

The good news is that we can minimise this risk by making some minor adjustments around the house.  Here's our top tips on how to get ready for home care:


The bathroom is a key area to check as 80% of all falls happen here. Consider the following add ing the following:

  • Grab rails - a towel rail is not strong enough
  • Shower chairs with easily reachable toiletries
  • Non-slip bathmats - one inside the shower and another outside 
  • Remove any uneccessary clutter from the floor
  • Toilets can be made easier to use with a grab rail, raised seat or a safety frame
  • Place adhesive under bath mats to avoid slipping


Ensure the house including the inside and outside stairs are well lit and consider night lights in the sockets.

Declutter the whole house

Stairs can be made safer with railings but it is vital to de-clutter them! We all have clutter that builds up over the years but this can be a real danger. Make sure paths are clear and only necessary items are on the floor.

Place key things in easy reach

Place regularly used glasses and items on the kitchen worktop, make sure items stored away are at a good height and ban those stepladders! Avoid any reason to overstretch and lose balance. Consider sponges with long handles, shoe horns, a grabber to pick things up with and an easy-pull sock aid to make life easier.


Taps with easy handles, clear counters and everything tidy and to hand is a must. Food preparation can be made less hazardous without the need for comprising on taste. Many supermarkets produce delicious ready meals using unprocessed ingredients and they taste as good as if they had been cooked at home and with a microwave these can be a real blessing. 

Home Assessment

If the care needs are more advanced, it is worth contacting us to access your care needs. Working alongside your GP and your local occupational therapist who will assess the home for purpose.  They can often arrange delivery of adjustable beds, hoists, pressure mattresses and many other facilities as required.

Personal alarm system

Finally, it is worth remembering that even after a fall 47% of senior citizens can’t get up without support. So, make sure that help can be called for easily. Consider installing a personal alarm system. Age UK offer one that can be worn at all times as either a lanyard or a wristband and this is connected to a 24-hour helpline so assistance can be called at anytime giving peace of mind.

With these few steps, care in the home can be delivered safely and home remains home!

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